About Martin Henson Photography

This website was launched around 2004 with over 2.5 million visits. Over that time it has won accolades from all over the world as a leading site for monochrome work and also as a learning site for those that want to try the art of digital conversion through the tutorials on this site and from my Dedicated Monochrome Learning Forum.

The Testimonials Page shows the popularity of this site and its content.

I sometimes feel that images are incomplete without a meaning behind them, the following link has beautiful poetry written by an award winning UK poet.
Poems to Images

Images you see on this site are from both Film and Digital cameras, I have started to use film capture for a percentage of my work using various film types such as Fuji Acros, Ilford Delta and Pan-F plus Kodak T-Max and Trix. I use 35mm, Medium and Large format film cameras, Rollieflex 3.5f 6x6, Pentax LX 35mm camera and a Ebony Large format 5x4inch field camera. I develop my own films, scan the negatives, edit, print and matte all my own work at my studio in Leeds.

You can buy signed and matted prints from my Gallery Page.

All images are printed on the finest Fine Art paper using pigmented inks through Colorbyte imageprint RIP processor to ensure maximum print quality and archival stability.

Enjoy looking at the galleries and if you see a picture you like just click the buy button and I will print and post to anywhere in the world.

A short biography

Just thought I would put a face from behind the camera.

Well here goes, I was born in 1952 at a place called Adel Mill Farm in West Yorkshire, here I was brought up with all my family, Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister, Grandad, Aunts and Uncles. A wonderful time of life, from those younger years of living on the farm a greater appreciation of our countryside was learnt.

I now live in a place called Otley a small market town in Wharfedale also in West Yorkshire, I work from home in my digital darkroom and do all processing and printing from there. Anyway that's enough about my personal life so lets get to my photographic roots so to speak.

The Start

My first camera was bought for me when I was 12 years old and was a Kodak 120 roll film, which I still have, it was a baker light box camera, fixed lens and leaf shutter but it took large negatives and was a bit hit and miss in quality, but it started my interest in photography, thanks Kodak.

My first claim to fame was when I won first prize in the Leeds show and this gave me the inspiration to enter more. I have won various competitions over the years, mainly in BW and had pictures published in nearly every popular photo mag on the market. I first started in BW developing and printing, slowly moving to colour but I was always drawn back to monochrome as the preferred medium, for me it’s simple but effective, dramatic not garish, and for landscape can’t be beaten.

Look at the old masters, timeless wonderful photos, the only problem for many who produced work from their home dark-rooms was what to do with all the prints, you can only hang so many on the house walls and I suspect, like me, we have them all put in boxes in cupboards somewhere in our homes. This has all changed now with high speed Internet and the production of images so different now, that leads to

The Digital Era

For me it was a steep learning curve, a real pull from film, dark-room and photo paper, but I gave it a go. I have taken many pictures with my digital cameras over a 6 year period, however the lure of film was always within me, it has a look, feel and dynamic range that digital does not personally give me, hence the move back to the authentic medium of photography, this doesn't make Digital bad I still use it, its just a different way of capture.

The Website

All the pictures I have taken over the last few years were filling up my hard drive rapidly so as primarily a Landscape photographer I decided to launch this site to show the area around where I live. 90% of the pictures are taken within a 25 mile radius of where I live and I intend to shoot lots more and make this, eventually, one of the biggest mono only landscape web sites in the UK.

Our Landscape

Whilst trekking the hills, dales and moors I have become more aware of the landscape we live in. We don’t own it nor do we dictate to it, nature will do what it has to in the most spectacular ways, I am humbled by its power and beauty, I have witnessed amazing light shows, wondrous cloud formations, nature living in complete harmony equipped to cope with the elements, we as humans feel powerful in this technological age but out there we are just another part of life’s cycle a grain of sand in a vast arena. I try to capture this sense of power and scale in my images not as the camera sees it but my own interpretation through inspiration on being a witness to events I have been privileged to see.


I hope you enjoy viewing my images, I am still learning conversion techniques in Photoshop, there are sections on this site explaining some of them and I will add more as my knowledge increases. The site is regularly updated with new images, so bookmark it and please re-visit, I would appreciate you signing my Guestbook as feedback really helps.